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Lap-See Lam was voted visitors’ choice of the ARS FENNICA exhibition

Visitors of the ARS FENNICA 2023 exhibition at Kiasma had the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist. The exhibition was a success and attracted one of the highest numbers of visitors in Ars Fennica’s history, with over a hundred thousand attendees (103,113 in total). Lap-See Lam from Sweden attracted the largest number of votes.

“I am honored and touched to be the audience favorite in this exhibition among incredible artists. It feels genuinely meaningful that the work resonates. Thank you, Ars Fennica, Kiasma and the audience”, commented Lam. Get to know Lap-See Lam and her work in this in-depth candidate video:

Explore Lap-See Lam’s work further on her artist page. Learn more about the other candidates of the year here. Also don’t miss these in-depth videos, where artists discuss their work.

PHOTO: Pirje Mykkänen / The Finnish National Gallery

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